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Where Should The Ads Go?

If you want to have success with Adsense, the way you put your site together is going to be important. Many people think that as long as there are ads, and they are somewhere near the content, they will score a lot of clicks. This just isn’t the case. Indeed, Google themselves have published extensive details of what makes a page more likely to score using Adsense.

Ad placement
is a very important part of the equation. No doubt, there are some aspects of this you will have worked out for yourself – for example, if the ads are right down at the bottom of the page, they are unlikely to deliver many clicks because fewer people read that far down. If the ads are right above the content, they will be clicked more often, because they are right in the eye-line of the reader.

It is also fair to say that ads on the left hand side of the screen garner more clicks than those on the right – at least, they do for most languages. This is because we read from left to right, and when we reach the end of one line we go back to the left to start another one. Ads on the left catch the eye more than those on the right.

This does not mean that ads on the right of the screen will just be ignored. Your content has a part to play, and how you set up your website. If, for example, you have a list of useful links or a blogroll on the right of the page, then you will get more clicks for ads placed there than otherwise. The closer ads are to something relevant, the more they will interest a reader.

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