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Veterans secret to building wealth…

Benefits of the military

Everybody knows being in the military is hard. Why?

Deployments during Time of war,deployment is always for sure, specially if your in the 82nd airborne division. I did my share time out in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the simple fact that your loved one, friend, cousin, brother, sister, mom, dad etc is in the danger zone. Being far away, just the thought you know , kinda gets every human being worried. You guys no what I mean.

On the other hand governments rewards all veterans all kinds of great benefits. Like for instance the Montgomery G.I. Bill to pay your tuition for college, medical benefits, the best one in my opinion is the VA home loan, zero down.

Multi-Family home.

Now having not to put anything down on a home purchase is the best thing a home buyer would love to hear. Which it’s a proven fact, I bought my first house no money down on a $500,000 house and let me tell you getting the keys to that house felt like a dream come true, with no down payment.

The secret, well the untold…

Have you ever been in a situation where, your brand new to a school and no one really tells you anything, or gives information to you that would be a great ordeal if you knew.

Well I’m gonna hook you guys up if your a veteran and didn’t know or would like to start building wealth, because I’ m the type to share good info.

So obviously when trying to purchase a home, with VA Loan or any kind of loan you need….

  • Good credit
  • Income/proof of income
  • Down payment (if not VA Loan)
  • 2 month of bank statements
  • Past tax returns

Not to mentions stipulations like veteran must be living on property, you can’t use a VA home loan solely for a investment property. Here’s the big secret or some knowledge for you.

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