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Keywords And How To Use Them

If you want to make money using Adsense, then the first thing you need to do is make your site attractive both to readers and to Google. In most cases, these two things are one and the same. Google places sites higher in its rankings if they are more frequently visited – therefore it is a good idea to make your site worth visiting. A lot of people over complicate this matter by trying to think how they can make their site interesting and keyword-filled. In actual fact, if you know how to use keywords, you can bypass a lot of the boring stuff.

Often a keyword is not a word in itself, but more accurately a “key phrase“. Think about it – when you search using Google, how often do you limit your search term to a single word? It may be the case that your search is just that specific, but the more information you use in your search, the more relevant the results will be. If you want to find a dance studio near you, will you search for “dance studios” or will you try “dance studios [home town]”, possibly adding a few more terms?

All you need to do to make your content Adsense friendly is write to your subject. It is best to avoid over-thinking how you can get the keyword in because the sentences in your content will read as though they have been forced. In the context of writing about your subject, you will undoubtedly need to use the key phrases anyway – and if you read back to see that this has not happened, you can then edit it to ensure it still reads well.

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