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Adsense Mistakes #2: Trying To Trick Google

Hands up everyone whose mom or dad used to say to them: “If you had brains you’d be dangerous“. Most of us? Or is that just my mom? Anyway, the point of the phrase, such as I understand it, is that some people in trying to be devious just reveal how little they know, and if they played it straight when they needed to, they’d get a lot further. This is something that people do a lot when it comes to Adsense.

An unbelievably large number of people make the mistake of trying to trick Google on a program that has been designed by Google. Now, we’re talking about one of the most powerful and well-known companies in the world. Do you think they’ve got there by being stupid? Don’t you think that when they were designing the systems that have made them so successful, they might have planned for people who would seek to exploit loopholes? You’re not going to pull the wool over their eyes, and if you try to they’re not going to take it lying down.

Your best chance of Adsense success is to have a good site, as simplistic as that may sound. What ads do you think are going to get the most clicks? The ones that are on sites with a high Google ranking because the content is worth reading, or the ones that are hosted by someone who has thought more about how he is going to trick Google into giving him more money? Surely the answer is simple?

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