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Adsense Mistakes #10: Not Being Image Conscious

Catching someone’s eye in a subtle way is not always easy. If you are in a crowd and want to get someone’s attention, you’ll pretty much have to jump around like a total buffoon and shout their name at the top of your voice to even stand a chance. But on the internet, this is not an option. You have to be more subtle if you want to get anywhere beyond the attention of a select few.

With Adsense, the bottom line is obvious – you want people to click the ads on your page. In order for them to click those ads, they need to see them, and to feel that they should click them. Now, you can draw people’s attention to the ad by placing a very big image on the page right next to them so they are hard to miss – but Google does not like this, as it is seen as influencing the customer.

It doesn’t matter if you are doing it deliberately or accidentally, it is in Google’s list of things you must not do, and if you do it you will be ranked lower than you would be otherwise. If you are doing it deliberately, then you need to learn about more reasonable ways to influence them – like powerful content.

We’d all like a short cut to make things easier for us, but the truth is that a short cut which pays out every time is not going to be sustainable. If it were that simple, everyone would do it and everyone would be rich – and any economist will tell you that someone has to lose out for someone to win big. To make money you need to be good at what you do – whatever limitations are placed on you.

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