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Adsense Mistakes #1: Putting The Cart Before The Horse

Many people over-think the way they use a fairly simple system in this day and age, and as a result make a mess of things. Because these systems are often new, people assume that they will naturally be complicated and “too different”, and will require special knowledge, even when this is not the case. When using Adsense this often leads to a situation where the person thinks “Adsense” while writing content – rather than thinking “content”.

Probably all of us have read sites which seem to have been designed to trigger Adsense. The content on these sites reads in a horribly forced way and sounds like it has been written around the keywords. Half of the time – let’s say the keyword is “Swarovski crystals” – the content will be poor and over-stuffed with keywords. The writer might as well just type “banana banana banana Swarovski crystals banana” for all the effort it takes to crowbar in a keyword. But if you are writing about Swarovski crystals, it’s more or less impossible not to use the phrase anyway.

Indeed, it could be said that one of the keywords in this article is “keyword” – and because the article is about keywords, it has been used repeatedly without even trying. Pick your subject, think about it in a logical way, and you will see that obsessing about such a detail is not helpful for your purposes. Why overcomplicate a really very simple system? It just isn’t necessary.

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